Generation Farms Now Distributing White and Purple Premium Garlic

Vidalia, GA (July 15, 2020) —  Today we announced we are continuing to expand our product line with premium garlic.

White and purple garlic are available immediately in several retail and bulk pack sizes, including the following as well as others, and custom packaging for retailers:

  • 3-bulbs in a net bag with wineglass label
  • 5-bulbs in a net bag with wineglass label
  • 30-pound bulk cartons


“The current supply is beautiful, with firm heads, and ready for immediate sale and consumption,” said Brian Stanley, Director of Sales for Generation Farms.

To place an order, customers should call (912) 526-3575 or email

“We realized retailers on the East Coast could increase profitability with a higher quality garlic than what’s available from the West Coast and China,” said Stanley. “We’re sourcing from exclusive grower relationships in Spain, Argentina, Peru and Mexico to ensure a steady, year-round supply of white and purple premium garlic.”

Container loads are coming directly into East Coast ports, reducing shipping times and freight costs, while extending shelf life for retail grocers. The less common purple garlic, known for its stronger scent and taste, is highly sought after by gourmet chefs and food aficionados.

Generation Farms 5 Bulbs Garlic Net Bag