Meet the Generation Farms Family

We’re fortunate to have some of the industry’s most experienced, dedicated, and hardworking individuals on our management and operations teams.
Paul Martin – Acting CEO

Paul Martin has served as our Acting Chief Executive Officer since November 2021. Simultaneously, he is an asset manager leading the Agriculture & Food investment vertical for the Investment Corporation of Dubai (ICD) our ultimate parent corporation wherein he has held several investment and asset management positions during his 6-year tenure. Prior to joining ICD, he was an investment advisor and analyst working in mergers and acquisitions for major investment banking firms.

Paul Martin

Acting CEO
helen copy

Helen Pipkin has served as our Accounting Manager since March 2020 having returned to the company after a tenure as an accounting executive for approximately one year in another industry. Previously, she also served as our accounting manager for over 5 years. Prior to joining the Generation Fresh team, Helen was a banking executive serving as Assistant Vice President – Controller for an Indiana State Bank for approximately 12 years.

Helen Pipkin

Finance Director

Santos Hollmann has served as our Chief Operating Officer since November 2019. Prior to becoming our COO, Santos served as Regional Manager for a previously related entity and stakeholder for approximately 8 years. Prior to joining the U.S. agriculture industry, Santos was an agricultural engineer for an Argentinian corporation providing technical consulting services.

Santos Hollman

Chief Operating Officer
Mike Hively

Michael Hively has served as our General Manager since August 2021. Michael has been a produce executive for over 30 years having been a senior executive in several produce companies. During his produce career, Michael has served as accounting manager, finance regional manager, farm manager and COO of multi-national produce companies in addition to having had his own onion and watermelon farming and distribution company.

Mike Hively

General Manager

Michael Harris has been our Watermelon Sales Director since April 2021.

Mike Harris

Watermelon Sales Director
Melissa Anderson

Melissa Anderson has been our Sales Manager since January 2022. Melissa is a seasoned produce professional with over 20 years experience in produce sales and logistics. Prior to joining our team, Melissa worked for several produce companies as sales and logistics executive specializing in the onion industry.

Melissa Anderson

Sales Manager

Maria Moreno has been our HR, Payroll and Benefits Manager since December 2019. Prior to joining our team, Maria held the same position for a previously related entity and stakeholder for approximately 4 years. Prior to becoming a produce executive, Maria was banking relationship officer and an insurance agent with major banks and insurance companies.

Maria Moreno

HR, Payroll and Benefits Manager