Food Safety

Growing the Right Way

Our product is grown with stringent specifications. This is how we consistently deliver the highest quality of fresh produce that our customers and consumers have come to expect.

Committed to food safety

  • 3rd Party Audits
    3rd Party Audits

    Our facilities and farms are audited by third parties against one or more Global Food Safety Initiative schemes.

  • Certified Organic
    Certified Organic

    We follow standards that are certified organic according to federal standards set by the USDA National Organic Program.

  • Initiatives

    Certification under the GFSI auditing schemes requires us to be constantly prepared for an inspection.

  • GMP

    All employees participate in training sessions and practice good manufacturing practices.

  • Traceability

    From harvest to shipping, all raw and finished product is tracked throughout the supply chain.

  • Sustainability

    Our roots are grounded in the idea of stewardship: preserving the resources that allow us to meet our needs, and the needs of future generations as well.